Who We are

A2E was born out of necessity to fill the void of leadership development and operational delivery in the project delivery marketplace.

Our military and corporate leadership experience allows us to impact and influence organizations by creating consistency and sustaining momentum.

Our mission is to guide clients on their journey to success through three basic but crucial concepts: Advise, Assist, Enable. We represent strategic harmony, collaborative culture, and unequivocal mission success.

Our Team

Our core team of senior resources focus on IMPACT 

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Digital Transformation
  • Operations Management
  • Resource Optimization
  • Growth Acceleration
  • Delivery Planning

Our Leaders


Paul is an 8-year Navy Veteran, Oxford University, and Wharton Business School educated business transformation expert who spent the last twenty years optimizing billions and maximizing the bottom lines of more than 600 global companies including Microsoft, Goodyear, BP, GE, United Technologies, Kellogg, Alcoa, Autoliv, Darden, Yum, and many more.

Paul has achieved optimal results by redefining how each client operates in regard to people, process, and technologies. He is an expert in the domains of Project/Program Management, Digital Transformation, ERP Architecture, and Executive Coaching.

Over a 25-year period, Paul was the CEO of many industry leading project management organizations and has helped support the growth of many of the solution providers in the project management space. This invaluable experience provides A2E with the understanding of the gaps within the marketplace to ensure each of our customers achieve a new level of support and service.


Murphy has over a decade of professional leadership experience. For eleven years, Murphy served as an Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps and serves as a Major in the Reserves. Murphy served in numerous challenging environments, including the Horn of Africa & Afghanistan.  Additionally, he served as a Foreign Security Advisor, where he embedded with small elite teams to advise, assist, and enable foreign militaries.

Murphy has experience helping companies develop their sales, marketing, and investment strategies working as a Managerial Consultant and Advisor. Murphy completed his MBA at Syracuse University Whitman School of Management.


A visionary leader of program management, process design + improvement, leadership, and cross functional change initiatives, delivering on time and in budget (even under tight deadlines). I thrive in fast-paced environments requiring complex problem solving, seeing both the big picture strategy and nailing down the details.

Peers describe me as a results-driven, collaborative change agent who gets the job done with innovation and excellence.

My skills include developing aggressive business and program plans to improve the bottom line, providing comprehensive analysis and metrics for informed business decisions and maximum ROI, leading cross-departmental teams to deliver valuable results on time and to budget, directing simultaneous program refinement projects to deliver significant cost savings, establishing new policies and procedures to meet complex requirements.


Nick has over 11 years of experience building, organizing and leading highly skilled and agile Teams to accomplish the mission in extremely challenging and sensitive environments.

As a Marine Special Operations Officer Nick conducted several deployments as an embedded advisor influencing senior military and political leaders and working alongside his partner force providing precise enabling support and advice increasing their overall proficiency and effectiveness in targeting,  information operations (marketing/public affairs), strategy, civil relations and organizational leadership. Nick graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2010.

We Look forward to Working with You